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Additives Short-Chain (C6 perfluoro) fluorosurfactants are based on telomer synthesis. No PFOS, no PFOA, and no derivatives that decompose to them are used in the manufacturing process. Alternative for Zonyl (1) or other fluorosurfactants based on C8 chemistry. Surface Protection/Repellents with exceptional Oil, Water, Alcohol and Soil Repellency.

Calcined Kaolin/China Clay: Paint & Coating: Different particle sizes and Brightness for water-, solvent based products Plastic and ruber: High Performance calcined Kaolin PVC Cabel Compounds: Metakaolin
Bariumsulfate: Natural BaSO4. like Baristar oder Diamelia Synthetic BaSO4 like Blanc Fix N, F
Talk: Different Types. Comparable with Micro Talk AT 1
Mica: Muscovite, wet and dry milled.
Synthetic Aluminium Silicate: White opacifier pigment extender. Alternative for Sylowhite (3) SM405 or SiperNAT4) 820A
Matting agents: Non treated and wax modified Silica for water-, solvent borne systems. Alternative for Acematt 420,500; Syloid ED5, ED30, Sylysia276
Dipropylenglycoldimethylether (CAS 111109-77-4): Alternative for Proglyde (8) DMM
Pigments and Dyes
Pigment Preparations for paper: Flowable concentrates of stable liquids in which pigments are present in a liquid disperse medium
Dyes: Solvent -, Basic -, Direct -, Acid Dyes. Alternative for Basonyl (5), Neptun( 5), Savinyl (6), and other types
Food Colorants: For coloring of certain foods and cosmetics. Synthetic water soluble colorants in powder and granulate form
Thermochromic Pigments: Pigments and Slurries changing from colorful to colorless depending on the temperature
Afterglow Pigments: Long afterglow luminescent inorganic pigment (non-radiation, non-toxic) based on alkaline earth aluminates
Antistatic Pigments: Conductive Zinc oxide as alternative for conductive Carbon Black or conductive Pigment as Minatec (7) alternative
Chrome oxide green: Standard grade and micronized quality. Alternative for Chrome oxide green GN and GN-M
Magnetic pigment: Strontium Ferrite with different Hci-Oersted values
Organic Pigments: For printinc incs:
PY 155: comparable with Novoperm Gelb 4G01
PR 266: comparable with Pink F7RK
PO 13: comparable with Orange G
For paint & coating:
PY 74: comparable with Hansa Brilliant Yellow 2GX70
Isocyanate and Polyol
Isocyanate: Water dilatable Isocyanate (HDI) comparable with Easaqua 803. Solvent based Isocyanate (HDI, MDI)
Polyol, Polyesterpolyol: Different Types with variable OH Number and Viscosity. comparable with Desmophen (9) 1145, 1150
Aldehyd-Keton Harz A81-unpolar: Alternative for Laropal (10) A81
PUV Initiator: Several types for radical cured systems


1) Zonyl ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von DuPont.
3) Sylowhite ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Grace.
4) Sipernat ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Evonik Industries.
5) Basonyl und Neptun sind eingetragene Warenzeichen von BASF.
6) Savinylist ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Clariant.
7) Minatec ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Merck.
8) Proglyde ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von DOW.
9) Desmophen ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von Bayer.
10) Laropal ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen von BASF.